Recitals with Kathryn Leigh Music
Kathryn Leigh Music believes that every student, regardless of age or playing level, should be given the opportunity to perform in front of an audience. We provide our musicians with two recitals per calendar year in a supportive, low-pressure environment. The performing arts instill confidence, discipline and a sense of accomplishment that will help artists of all kinds with many facets of their life to come.
2018 Winter Recitals

Students 12 and Under
Saturday, December 1st
Kate and Marge's students perform at 2pm
Jared, Matt and Mark's students perform at 4pm

Students 13 and Over
Sunday, December 2nd
All teachers' students perform at 2pm

Christ Church United Methodist
300 Ridge Road
Fair Haven, NJ 07704

Recital FAQ

Which students are allowed to participate?
All of them! Whether they have been playing for five years or five weeks, all students are given the opportunity to perform. However, keep in mind that performing in a recital is a privledge. Anything worth showcasing requires hard work. Students must be practicing regularly and ultimately, it will be the teachers' decision if they are performance ready.

What will I play?
You and your teacher will choose pieces together. It will be music that you feel confident playing and that best shows your ability. And, hopefully, it'll be something you really enjoy!

But, I'm nervous!
That's okay; so is everyone else! Kathryn Leigh Music strives to provide a supportive audience environment. The folks attending are made up of other students, their family and friends, your teachers and their friends: all people who support the performing arts and respect your hard work and talent. So, no worries, you'll be amongst friends. REALLY nervous? Need a pep talk? Call us!

I don't want to perform, can I still come and listen?
Of course! We always suggest that if a student is really adamant about not performing, they come to experience the environment. Most of the time, it's way less scary than they imagined and they're eager to participate in the next show.

Should adult students perform?
YES. How many adults do you know who are actively playing music? Not many, that means you're pretty cool! And, no, you're not too old.

What should I wear?
Take pride in your appearance! You're going to be standing in front of lots of people who will be staring at you; look nice! Think of attire appropriate for an afternoon wedding. No jeans, sneakers or flip-flops. Have an outfit in mind but you're unsure? Text us a photo; we'll give you a thumbs up or down.

Who can come hear me play?
Anyone you'd like! Any person who you'd like to share your music with is welcome to attend our recitals. The more, the merrier; we like making new friends!

Does it cost anything to attend?
No; it's free! However, ocassionally we will ask for donations from audience members for local causes that are important to Kathryn Leigh Music or in support of positive Monmouth County goings-on.

What if I mess up?
More than half of what we learn throughout our life is from mistakes we have made. The day we stop making mistakes is the day we stop learning. Yes, we will work toward the best performance possible, however no one is expecting you to be perfect, only to do your very best. You and your teacher are a strong team and together you will get through this and many more recitals to come.